Escentie (semi)precious-perfume in 7×15 ml or 30ml or 50 ml spray Click at the pictures below for more information. You can read about the used minerals and energetic experiences. Each (highly) sensitive person will be able to experience the energetic richness of the fusion. Escentie is a colorful and extraordinary perfume range with several ways to use it. No doubt you can choose for fragrance itself or the color of the stones; a good motive on it’s own. But you can also make a choice based on your mood, the task lying in front of you, the state of mind in the process of consciousness. At any time a Escentie-perfume makes a great gift. 6spl designed a unique procedure in order to blend the frequencies of the (semi-) precious stones with these of the resonating perfume ingredients. Each 15 ml resp. 30ml or 50 ml bottle contains at least 1 resp. 7 grams (semi-)precious stones. To get to know you can order a set of 7 Escentie-minisprays (7 x 15 ml perfume). Move the pointer on a colourbox in order to get more information about ingredients. If you click on the colourbox you get the full story.

        amethyst         celestine         aventurine         rose quartz           orange           calcite           honey           calcite           herkimer           diamond

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