1 Pink Bliss

eau de parfum 50 ml pink bliss perfume rozekwarts biologische-organic alcohol

eau de parfum 50 ml pink bliss perfume rozekwarts biologische-organic alcohol

Blend of palmarosa, lavendin, rose, lilac, hawthorn blossom, hibiscus, cashmere musk accord and balsamic notes on rose quartz.
The vibration of rose quartz is accentuated and amplified by the specially attuned essences.

The Pink Bliss perfume is a fusion of power wrapped in softness. Pink Bliss is a strong ‘energizer’ which does everything flows from the softness of the heart. Strong grounding power. Feel how the pulsating life energy flows throughout your body and how fatigue and heaviness is expelled. Inner resistance is lifted; your soul knows the way. Warmth, loving, compassion. Helps you become aware of your share at all. Love your self.

The Pink Bliss perfume fusion energy has a family link with green tourmaline, rose
tourmaline, mauve and light amber.

Energy booster, proper grounding, provides warmth, loving energy intensifies.

Price    7×15 ml vapo: € 229,=  shipping not included
Price   30 ml        vapo: € 59,=  shipping not included
Price   50 ml        vapo: € 95,=  shipping not included

The option of reordering the perfume liquid, so reuse of bottle and stones  could become possible, is in research.
Ingredients: organic alcohol, aqua, perfume and 1 to 7 gram (semi-)precious stones.

* Here are the four most remarkable reactions expresssed by a selection of users.
**  WARNING: This information does not replace a medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician.

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