2 Purple High

eau de parfum 50 ml purple high perfume amethyst organic alcohol

eau de parfum 50 ml purple high perfume amethyst organic alcohol

Blend of citrus, narcissus, grape hyacinths, lilies of the valley, ambergris, tonka bean and
coconut on amethyst.
The vibration of amethyst is enhanced and supported by this specially tuned fragrance essences.

The fusion created in this, working especially on the higher chackra and offers the wearer the ability to create clarity, beeing more centered and grounded. Adressing the higher.
Higher self provides balance and connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual body. The inner senses are sharpened, and gently the own process layer by layer expands. Depending on ones constitution, differs the experience of the intensity of the Purple High fusion. Purple High perfume fusion energetically links with sapphire, morganite, and the colors
aqua and mauve.

Stronger activating effect on the higher chakra’s, emphasizes experience of wholeness between the physical and energetic; intensifies energy flow from higher to lower chakra’s **.

Price   7×15 ml  vapo: € 229,=  shipping not included
Price   30 ml        vapo: € 59,=  shipping not included
Price   50 ml        vapo: € 95,=  shipping not included

The option of reordering the perfume liquid, so reuse of bottle and stones  could become possible, is in research.
Ingredients: organic alcohol, aqua, perfume and 1 to 7 gram (semi-)precious stones.

* Here are the four most remarkable reactions expresssed by a selection of users.
**  WARNING: This information does not replace a medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician.

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