3 Orange Abundance

eau de parfum 50 ml orange abundance perfume oranje calciet biologische-organic alcohol

eau de parfum 50 ml orange abundance perfume oranje calciet biologische-organic alcohol

Blend of lemon, tangerine, neroli, papaya, rosewood, sandalwood acord, benzoin siam, white musk and creamy notes on orange calcite.

The Orange Abundance perfume blend has a very quirky character and is able to encourage us, in several ways, to grow in a playful, exuberant way. With the powerful cleaning action of orange calcite combined with fruit, wood and gold benzoe the path becomes accessible.
If you open up yourself, orange abundance brings you back in touch with your own soul. The greatest injuries can be healed through the light and lightness, specific to the child in us. Transformation does energy flow.
Out of the box, get surprised by the impulses from within, welling up when you make contact with your authentic source. Feel safe and grounded, reaching out to where you came from.

The Orange Abundance perfume fusion energy is related to the tangerine quartz and danburite, the color orange, brown and soft pink.

Calming; brings emotions into balance, especially when fear and gloom are experienced; intensifies second chakra **.

Price  7×15 ml vapo: € 229,=  shipping not included
Price   30 ml        vapo: € 59,=  shipping not included
Price   50 ml        vapo: € 95,=  shipping not included

The option of reordering the perfume liquid, so reuse of bottle and stones  could become possible, is in research.
Ingredients: organic alcohol, aqua, perfume and 1 to 7 gram (semi-)precious stones.

* Here are the four most remarkable reactions expresssed by a selection of users.
**  WARNING: This information does not replace a medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician.

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