4 Green Ease

eau de parfum 50 ml green ease perfume aventurien biologische-organic alcohol

eau de parfum 50 ml green ease perfume aventurien biologische-organic alcohol

Blend of marine accord, gardenia, jasmine, sambac jasmine and ylang ylang, wood accord with sandalwood, coumarin, vanillin and aventurine.
The vibration of aventurine is used for emotional comfort and sense of security and uplifted with this specially tuned fragrance essences.

The Green Ease perfume fusion soothes, brings more balance in emotions and comfort. Brings you directly to your heart. This opens the willingness to grow and connect at various levels. The white flowers bouquet in this merger is a kind of bridge; facilitating consciously our connection with spirit. Strengthens the entire breast area and helps the inner joy be reflected. Also great with Pink Bliss perfume together!

The Green Ease perfume fusion energy is linked with rose quartz, green tourmaline, fresh greens, soft pink, white and pearl shades.

Soothing, strengthens the central area, stabilizing the mind, strengthens the heart energy **.

Price   7×15 ml vapo: € 229,=  shipping not included
Price   30 ml        vapo: € 59,=  shipping not included
Price   50 ml        vapo: € 95,=  shipping not included

The option of reordering the perfume liquid, so reuse of bottle and stones  could become possible, is in research.
Ingredients: organic alcohol, aqua, perfume and 1 to 7 gram (semi-)precious stones.

* Here are the four most remarkable reactions expresssed by a selection of users.
**  WARNING: This information does not replace a medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician.

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