5 Golden Sparkle

eau de parfum 50 ml golden sparkle perfum honing calciet biologische-organic alcohol

eau de parfum 50 ml golden sparkle perfum honing calciet biologische-organic alcohol

Blend of tangerine, clary sage, jasmine, lily, moss-rose, sage, olibanum wood accord with
rosewood, oakmoss and benzoin siam on honey calcite.

The Golden Sparkle perfume fusion sets your feet on the ground and helps to capture earth energy. Feel the bubbles from your feet go up to your crown. Clears the head. Holy olibanum connects you to the higher knowledge from a fully centered self on the vertical energy axis. Calcite is a powerful cleanser, strengthens the confidence and the energy of this blend will create a space for initiatives, new balance and relationships.

Energetically, the Golden Sparkle also relates to the frequencies of pink tourmaline, moonstone and charoite, blue, emerald green, and soft plum.

Energizing, makes clear, grounding the higher spiritual energy, intensifying consiousness of the energyflow awareness arising from grounding.**

Price   7×15 ml mini vapo: € 229,=  shipping not included
Price   30 ml        vapo: € 59,=  shipping not included
Price   50 ml        vapo: € 95,=  shipping not included

The option of reordering the perfume liquid, so reuse of bottle and stones  could become possible, is in research.
Ingredients: organic alcohol, aqua, perfume and 1 to 7 gram (semi-)precious stones.

* Here are the four most remarkable reactions expresssed by a selection of users.
**  WARNING: This information does not replace a medical diagnosis or treatment by a physician.

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