Pluimen Vouchers


Businesses and organizations who want to give their employees or volunteers a special
compliment, can go to With a ‘pluim voucher’, one can choose a personal experience. The 6th sense perfume lab workshop is selected by as a treat for voucher receivers.
For 6spl, is an important partner to cooperate and the pluim voucher is a nice addition to the own ‘sign of affection’ gift certificate.
There is a difference in spending it: a ‘pluim voucher’ can only be used to participate in a workshop.
A ‘sign of affection’ can be exchanged for either participating in a workshop as for custom made perfume. Anyway, owners of a ‘pluim voucher’ are very welcome at a workshop.
The purple voucher is valid for workshop participation by two persons, the blue voucher suits one person.
Offer: for groups of 6 or more voucher-owners a 6spl workshop can be held at a location of your choice.
6spl comes to meet you.

Geef een pluim cadeau

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