Tailor-made perfumes

By way of personal consult or by phone, accompanied by a photograph or portrait with name and date of birth, all my professional skills as well as my sixth sense, are put to work  creating an extraordinary one of a kind perfume, especially for you

During the personal consult we will check your personal fragrance history, your experience with different fragrances and the variety of effects  bodily noticed as a felt sense*. Scanning your energy and aura will reveal important information on which the perfume is being composed. The first matching set of ingredients will be presented to you. Experiencing this perfume palette immediately shows how it resounds..

In case a personal consult is not an option, 6th sense tailor made perfume by photo is a surprisingly good alternative. Wanting to buy a special perfume gift but having a hard time guessing what to choose? Tailor made perfume by photo offers the perfect solution. All tailor made perfumes by photo will be created by means of my 6th sense.

Any perfume composition created by 6th sense perfume lab will be brought to you in a bottle of your choice. You can choose one of three different bottles, please refer to our order page on this website.

*This is also a perfect method for people who have an allergic reactions to perfumes. Without wearing the perfumes on the skin, a good personal compatibility indication shows immediately.


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